GBS Venture Partners (GBS) is a leading life science venture capital firm.

Founded in 1996, GBS invests in young businesses developing and commercialising products which, when combined with the right management and finance, will make a significant difference to patients' lives and deliver financial returns for our investors. Our areas of particular interest and expertise include human healthcare, biotechnology product development and life science start-ups. In particular, recent investments have included biological or small molecule therapeutics, medical devices and diagnostics.

GBS invests in private or public companies whether at start-up or later stages of company development. Our investors include major Australian superannuation funds.

Funds Available

GBS manages over $400 million across five funds. In March 2009, GBS completed a fund raising for GBS Bioventures IV, a $125 million fund which has the capacity to invest up to $10 – 12 million per investee. Previous funds include:

  • The Australian Bioscience Trust
  • GBS Bioventures II
  • The Genesis Fund
  • GBS Bioventures III

GBS uses these and other funds under management to make a significant commitment to building life science based companies based on Australasian technology and development capabilities.

Active Support Role

The GBS team use their experience in life science investing to:

  • take an active role at board level in portfolio companies
  • provide strategic advice and support at all stages of company development
  • access specialist scientific and technical advice and introductions to international contacts and corporate collaborators

Investment Record

The GBS team has been investing in Australasia since 1996 and has financed companies with a combined market capitalisation approaching $2 billion.

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