Portfolio Companies

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Current Companies


AirXpanders is developing technology to address current unmet needs for patients who require tissue expansion after reconstructive surgery, with the first emphasis in breast reconstruction. Expansion is achieved at the patient's convenience in her own home. The company is based in Mountain View, CA.

Endoluminal Sciences

A medical device company developing polymer technology to address unmet needs in current endovascular graft prostheses.  Originated from the Stanford and the Sydney Universities. The company is based in Sydney


A clinical stage company developing novel, low toxicity formulations for the control of ectoparasites, including the head louse Pediclulus humanus capitis. The company is based in Melbourne.


A hydrogen storage systems company commercialising technology based on novel magnesium alloys. The company is based in Brisbane.

Ivantis, Inc. is a company dedicated to the development of new and innovative solutions for glaucoma. The company is headquartered in Irvine California with Asia/Pacific operations run from Sydney.

Mimetica Pty Ltd is an Australian biotechnology company focused on the development of novel topical prescription therapeutics for the treatment of Acne. The company is headquartered in Melbourne and based around technology developed at IMB in Queensland.   

Moximed International, Inc

Moximed, Inc. engages in the development and marketing of load absorbing implants for treatment of osteoarthritis and is based in Hayward, California.


Exited Companies


A medical device company developing a non-invasive monitor/alarm to detect night time low blood sugar (hypoglycaemia), a key concern for diabetics. The company is based in Sydney.

Applied Physiology

A medical device company that is transforming care of critically ill patients with a therapeutic guidance system for patient management in the ICU setting.  The company is based in Sydney.

A therapeutic company that uses gene delivery technology to target key enzyme deficiency in advanced heart failure.  Celladon is a privately held biotechnology company based in La Jolla CA. 

A drug development company focussed on developing targeted therapeutics for the treatment of major illnesses, such as cancer and diabetes. The company is listed on the ASX and based in Geelong (VIC) and Menlo Park (CA).


A drug development company developing anti-sense therapies to aid wound healing, based upon technology from the University of Auckland. The company is based in San Diego.


A diagnostic company providing computer-based tests of cognition, increasingly being used to quantify the effect of drugs or other interventions on human subjects participating in clinical trials. The company is ASX listed and based in Melbourne.

Dynamic Hearing

A medical device company developing software applications for the emerging digital hearing aid and personal communications industries. The company is based in Melbourne.


A medical device company focused on the production and formulation of synthetic human Elastin for medical device applications. The company is based in Sydney.


Euthymics is developing novel medications for two central nervous system disorders of significant unmet medical need: Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) and Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).


Health.com.au is an online private health insurance company. Health.com.au is based in Melbourne, Australia.


A monoclonal antibody company developing advanced human antibody therapeutics for use in infectious, autoimmunity, and oncology diseases. Two of the company's antibody programs were derived from Australian research institutions. The company is based in South San Francisco.


The Neuromonics Tinnitus Treatment delivers clinically proven, long-term relief from tinnitus without medication or surgery. The company is based in Sydney and Bethlehem, PA.


Neurovance Inc. is a US company developing treatments for central nervous system disorders. The company is a spin out from Euthymics Inc. The compound EB1020 is being developed for treatment of adult ADHD where it promises to be the best in class non-stimulant treatment.  The compound, EB1020, has completed extensive preclinical assessment and Phase I clinical trial. The negative result of EB1010 in depression is not thought to reduce the likelihood of EB1020 working in ADHD.


NeuroVista develops innovative, information-based medical devices for the management and treatment of epilepsy.


A medical device company marketing a new non-invasive device in the USA for the treatment of female stress urinary incontinence. The company is based in Newark, CA.

Pacific Knowledge Systems

A health informatics company providing tools to clinical laboratories which enable delivery of better information to requesting doctors, better health outcomes, and better business for the laboratories. The company is based in Sydney.

Pathway Therapeutics

A drug discovery company focused on developing inhibitors of PI3-kinase for the treatment of cancer and inflammatory diseases.


A specialty pharmaceutical company focused on innovative medical dermatology products.  PEP005 is in phase III for skin cancer and pre-cancerous skin lesions. Peplin is listed on the ASX and based in Emeryville, California and Brisbane, Australia.


Pharmaxis is a specialist pharmaceutical company that researches, develops and commercialises new therapies for undertreated respiratory diseases.


An oncology drug development company focusing on novel therapies for hypoxic (oxygen-starved) solid tumours. Proacta is headquartered in San Diego, USA with operations in Auckland, NZ.


A clinical stage drug development company developing novel compounds for the treatment of neuropathic and inflammatory pain. Spinifex is based in Melbourne.

Sunshine Heart

A medical device company focused on the clinical and commercial development of an innovative cardiac assist device to treat patients in moderate to severe long term heart failure. The company is listed on the ASX and based in Eden Prairie, MN.

Uptake Medical

Uptake Medical is currently developing a safe and effective, energy-based, bronchoscopic lung volume reduction treatment aimed at improving lung function and quality of life for those suffering from emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Verva Pharmaceuticals
A clinical stage company developing innovative therapies to treat metabolic diseases including type 2 diabetes and obesity. The company is based in Geelong.
A clinical stage company developing a safe and effective RF energy based device for a procedure to improve vaginal tightness post childbirth.
Xenome is a privately held biopharmaceutical company developing a novel therapeutic product for the management of moderate to severe pain.  Xenome is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, with offices in San Diego, California.