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Suprelorin12r Registered in Australia

25 / 09 / 2006

Peptech Animal Health Pty Limited (PAH), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Australian biotechnology company Peptech Limited (ASX:PTD), today announced it had received registration approval for its advanced canine contraceptive, Suprelorin12r.

Suprelorin12r, the next generation of PAH's Suprelorinr, provides a safe and effective fertilitycontrol alternative to surgical castration in male canines and is anticipated to be launched in Australia in the coming months.

PAH's latest product, Suprelorin12r boasts a 12 month duration of action, extending the benefits of the original Suprelorinr, which is active for six months.

Peptech Animal Health General Manager Dr Paul Schober said Suprelorinr, launched into the Australian and New Zealand market two years ago, had been progressively accepted by the trans-Tasman veterinary market.

"Suprelorinr sales in Australia increased by 18% over the last six months compared with the previous six months and by over 70% from the corresponding period last year," he said.

"We are pleased to see the market is continuing to realise the value and benefits of this product and we are confident that the increased convenience provided by the 12 month product will generate greater market penetration".

"Castration isn't always the best option for male dogs for a variety of reasons, and in some regions, particularly in Europe, it has become an increasingly unpopular, if not illegal, practice" Dr Schober said.

Suprelorinr, routinely administered by vets as an implant under the animal's skin, provides vets and dog owners with a more humane, but equally efficacious and cost-effective, alternative.

Peptech Animal Health Marketing and Technical Services Manager Dr Katie Yeates said the Suprelorin12r solution offered dog owners the convenience and surety of fertility control with a
treatment which can be administered with the animal's annual vaccination.

PAH is currently pursuing registration applications with regulatory authorities in both the US and Europe. Suprelorinr is expected to generate revenue from the lucrative European market during 2007.