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Portland Orthopaedics' $360K US hip orderPortland's third US order since August exceeds sales expectations

19 / 10 / 2006

Portland Orthopaedics Limited (ASX:PLD) has received its third order from US distributor Plus Orthopedics Inc with the new order requesting a further $360,000 of primary hip replacements for immediate delivery.

This is Portland's second order for the M-COR primary hip. The three orders over three months totals $2.47 million compared to total sales in the year to June 2006 of $1.63 million.

Portland's M-COR primary hip replacement is fixed in the thigh bone (femur) with traditional hammering familiar to orthopaedic surgeons. The M-COR is a modular design with a distinct neck component for improved fit and adjustability.
Portland has moved to full capacity manufacturing and is taking measures to licence off-site manufacturing to improve inventories.

"Demand from Plus Orthopedics is exceeding expectations as the first US surgeons are choosing to implant more M-COR hips than we expected," said Mr David Sekel, CEO of Portland Orthopaedics.

"Portland's priority is to immediately boost manufacturing capacity to meet the expanding joint replacement range and meet the growing demand."